Gift certificate
The opportunity to play our escape game is a great gift that will be enjoyed by everybody.
The certificate is valid for one year and will allow to play any of our quest rooms at available time. Buying a certificate you do not overpay superfluous. If you buy 2 or more certificates, you will get them at discount.



It is cheaper until 15:00 on workdays!


Special price for two people game 800 Kč


20% discount for students every Wednesday.


Today is your birthday? Use your special 20% discount!

Playing our escape game is a great way to impress your friends or to make a surprise for the birthday celebrator. We are ready to accept up to 11 guests, who can play games simultaneously.
Corporate activities
Escape game - a great way to reward employees and develop their skills. Especially for your employees, we will offer preferential conditions for participation in our games at a convenient time for them, and for you we will make a discount and the possibility of payment by bank transfer with all necessary documents.
Unusual conditions of escape games - a great way to see the true face of your colleagues or to assess the level of their interaction. We can provide for your HR manager, a coach or a psychologist broadcast to show what is happening inside the quest room in real time or provide such records.
Social networks
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